The Director

General Introduction

On NOVERBER 25TH 2012, the organization known as the Kasarani youth sports Association had its first meeting. From a small group of coaches who met at that time GOALKEPPER TRAINERS COACHING COURSE, kysa has grown to include all levels of men’s and women’s soccer, including youth, high school, junior college, college and professional coaches, as well as referees, administrators and other individuals interested in the growth of soccer in the Kenya. With more than 300 active members, the kysa is currently the largest soccer academy association in the Kenya.The nature and purpose of the Association is to educate, provide services, and promote and stimulate interest in the game of soccer. With this in mind, the kysa Academy Program was established to further these objectives and to meet the growing needs of our membership to learn more about the sport of soccer. kysa coaching education strives to enable coaches of all levels of players to provide challenging but age appropriate instruction for their teams. We pride ourselves on providing that education in a positive and collegial environment.

The Goalkeeper Coaching Academy Program is a comprehensive educational program. We hope to reach coaches on all different levels from those who coach youth recreational players to those who coach advanced and professional players.

We anticipate that the different programs we offer will evolve as the needs of coaches’ change and evolve.

Those coaches who complete a diploma course through the kysa GOALKEEPER WORLD Coaching Academy will become effective coaches through learning to organize training sessions and incorporate appropriate teaching methodologies for the age and level of experience of the players they coach.