DescriptionNo. of Sessions – 2019Objective
KYSA conducts training sessions for young players in Kasarani from where a team of players is selected.  104 every weekend Saturday and Sundays when they not in school.The ACADEMY has 6 categories from where the youth are placed.  Toto: Youth below age 10yrs; Intermediate:  age 11-12; Junior:  age 13-14; Junior II: age 15-16; Senior Team: age 17-18
With cooperation, we conduct training for ball/girl boys with player handler for international matches.15 ball/girls at any given time, but only ten take part in matches.Motivation for the players in future
KYSA ACADEMY conducts soccer clinics within various estates in and around Kasarani.  The national coach and/or other coaches are invited to come and scout for players.    12 every fortnight we conduct various coaching clinics around Kasarani.6 – National level talent youth teams
Soccer camps  
Kysa organizes soccer camps for young school going children very school holidays.3 per year when schools are closed.During the months of April, August and December we expect to train up to over 200 during holidays at the centre, with special camps for different groups.
Counseling Sessions:  
KYSA ACADEMY conducts counseling sessions for the youth enrolled.  The sessions are offered in groups or with individual children.  Professional and peer counselors are invited to impart some life skills.      24  Children are taught about early pregnancies, substance and drug abuse, HIV/AIDS, Character formation, corruption and its effect and many more.
Foreign players:  
Kysa has foreign players joining the academy through sponsorship and educational tours.Yearly we get refugees from south Sudan, Somalia, DRC Congo, etcCurrently we have more 17 Sudanese players that have passed through our hands in the last 6 months. We always welcome new players from other countries to practice and share with us the knowledge from there academy’s.
On a quarterly basis, The ACADEMY organizes educational tours for the children to visit the National park, museums and other towns to enable them learn about the country and interact with other children        4  The children are expanding their knowledge and exposure and come to appreciate their country.  The tours also help children to bond and build a spirit of nationalism and a sense of pride for being Kenyans.
Friendlies, Charity and League matches:  
The ACADEMY takes part in many friendlies and charity game to raise awareness to many issues affecting the community.    12This is an avenue for the talented children to showcase their skills and talent.  The children take part in events that touch on children issues like drugs etc.  The Day of the African Child is an event where Africa celebrates the lives of children.