About us

Project Purpose, Vision and Goals

a) This is our vision for the project?

The YOUTH of Kasarani in-Nairobi have numerous talents and potentials, which could be harnessed for their better future. To help them nurture these talents and aspirations to near full potential, Sports will play a crucial role.  It is envisaged in the spirit of promoting the youth to live positively instead of engaging in criminal and other dangerous activities – drug abuse, premarital sex, among others.

b) What change or transformation in your community would NAKUMATT HOLDING enable?

This means that the influx of school leavers and dropouts has played a significant role towards deteriorating moral standards in the society, hence creating some upheavals in the realm of social interactions yet these young men and women are endowed with talents and aspirations that can be nurtured and propped to full growth, thus giving their energy alternative projections.

Through sports, they could be introduced to and inculcated with a rich body of knowledge on public health and environmental management education, AIDS, reproductive health, nutrition and cultural education, as some of the contemporary issues affecting the Kenyan society. The committee aims at invoking active participation by the players in the implementation and understanding of the issues at hand.

d) What goals/outcomes do you hope to achieve?

Like many parts of the world, there has been a growing population of young people who find themselves without meaningful occupations after completing high school, college or during the holidays. Due to economic hardships being experienced today in the society, many families have been hard-hit, resulting into among other things, disabilities to pay school fees, hence an increase in school dropouts. This has ushered in new influences and dangers to the existing social fabrics, and with increased community interactions, conditions have been bred for dangerous tendencies among the youth.

The main results will include:    

•      To promote the sporting talents of identified players in Nairobi area.

•      To   educate   the youth on issues concerning public health, environmental, management, Aids, nutrition, reproductive health and culture;

•      To promote interest in youth affairs in the entire country through field days, seminars, and workshops.

•      To act as a vehicle through which the youth come together to share experiences and aspirations.

Recruit talents in Nairobi and its environments as early as development programs for future use as soccer becomes very expensive in purchasing players.

Our young players will only be loaned out to other teams after consultation with both parties.

•      To create a sports department on its own, to organize, budget, market and manage its own affairs for the academy. When it comes to sports, for it to prosper the only way it is to have it managed on its own away from youth affairs. In the past the academy has been experiencing difficulties cause of the management concerning the youth.

d)  How does your ACADEMY engage or get feedback from those you intend to serve or benefit?  (For example: community participation in decision making or project planning, beneficiary evaluations)

For a along time the youth. Have remained idle and inactive. Gangland modes of behavior threaten to infiltrate the players and completely change the peaceful way of doing things. Upon this realization, a committee was formed to look into the formation of teams at the college. It is intended to strengthen the capacities of the players and to shape their destiny and put in place measures that will create increased awareness on matters concerning them through sporting activities. These issues include public health and environmental management.

One of the initial steps towards this project is the sports-day, seminars and workshops to assess the response among the targeted YOUTH, for example, about 10% (600 YOUTHS) of the YOUTH population took part in the sport-day as participants and another 20% (3000 YOUTH) were present to cheer the fellow YOUTH, the Drama Festival must have passed unnoticed by other YOUTH cause of the short notice that was there to prepare. To start our objectives, we shall concentrate with sports-day and seminars and Workshops, The-seminars and workshops will focus on the AIDS scourge and the drug -abuse-Pandemic currently taking toll of the populace in which the players are based, the drama club could entertain players when ever possible during this seminars and workshops.

e)  Timeline of the project (start date, end date, any significant milestones)

The sports-day intends to highlight the activities of the youth. Youths will be given an opportunity to nurture and develop their various sporting talents and skills under the keen observation of qualified sports professionals. Players will also be introduced to basic principles pertaining to issues in the realm of public health, reproductive health, Aids, environmental management, nutrition and culture.

For logistical reasons, and in specific since this is the beginning, the youth are Confining the recruitment of membership to Kasarani youth sports association (KYSA). Membership is intended to comprise the Kasarani youth and its environs. To set the stage for proper implementation, an interim committee is in place and a number of young people mainly from Kasarani are already undergoing training in sports at the MOI SPORTS CENTRE KASARANI grounds. Once established, it is expected that a steering committee of not more than ten (10) members of staff will be formed. These members will be selected from various professional backgrounds, based on their interests and knowledge on youth issues, especially in the areas the YOUTH have chosen to address. Some of the YOUTH activities will be playing football, hockey, volleyball and tennis for purposes of entering competitive tournaments. Further, the -YOUTH will engage in public health, reproductive. Health, Aids awareness, environmental management, takes part time jobs within KYSA and nutrition issues around the academy and Nairobi as a whole.

However, this will come later once the academy has been financially established. Structure or objective i.e. long-term plan for each game.

Starting in January 2014 or when funds become available, lasting 3 years.  Based on the amount of donation from GPA, KYSA would want to participate in the county leagues, so as to keep the players busy through out the year.

III. Project Description

a) How will the project be implemented? (What will you do? Project plan/strategy and tactics)

We want to run a small youth ACADEMY that will change the way sports has been misused before, it is a non-partisan, non-sectarian and non-profit making ACADEMY.

This consultation research and the information it produces helps change the way people think about the problems related to SOCCER ACADEMY’S. We design and supervise SPORTS & EVENT FACILITIES; we prepare contractor documents for our clients and other contractors. We do full SPORTS & EVENT MANAGEMENT services on Quality Control and other development for various users LAN and WAX designs.

The youth in this area have numerous talents and are hardest hit with the current economic hardships that are facing the country as a whole. Kasarani happens to hump one of the largest slums in the whole of Africa (Mathare).

b) Who will benefit from the project?

Once established, it is expected that a steering committee of not more than ten (10) members of the youth themselves will be formed. These members will be selected from various professional backgrounds, based on their interests and knowledge on youth issues, especially in the areas the YOUTH have chosen to address. Some of the YOUTH activities will be playing football, hockey, volleyball and tennis for purposes of entering competitive tournaments.

c) How will you know whether or not your goals are achieved?  What indicators will you use?

There are also professionals with community and social development as well as research backgrounds. This is a team that is reliable enough to bring real change in the lives of Kasarani youth. This change can only be realized with commitment, not just among the KYSA personnel and community, but with the help and dedication of our external partners. What we luck is recourses, once we can establish a good partner, then our goals would be achieved.

1.      We usually operate on the already received donations, mainly from well-wishers and individuals and very few international donors, so we do not have a fixed budget at the moment.  We shall add any additional donations to the budget as per received.  We shall, therefore, be most grateful and appreciative for ANY financial support toward this essential and vital project, which had been discontinued due to lack of funds.

2.      The estimated budget is for one year – 2015/6.  The additional budgets for the other two years would either go up or down, depending on the activities involved.

3.      We promise to be accountable; hence the figure of the above budget remains for guidance in the deliberations.  We shall maintain our past credibility.

V. ACADEMY Information

a) Mission/Vision of ACADEMY

KYSA is a registered academy offering basics as well as highly advanced services in research, information and contracting of individual to major Sport & Events in the country and the world as a whole. It is a non-partisan, non-sectarian and non-profit making ACADEMY

b) ACADEMY  Budget for current fiscal year(2015/6) 4,250,000.00.

As stated above, we have not fixed budget as we operate on the received donations from our well-wishers and individuals, plus international donors.